Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Kaituna River Forecast and Update from Flow Rate NZ

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s been a season of breaking records.

First, on the 27th December, we broke the Kaituna Record for most people through the doors in a day: 304 people!

We have transformed our trips to run every 45 mins to help keep the trip size down and keep guest to guide small & intimate. Even though these are big numbers, every guest that joins us on the river is contributing to more than just a livelihood.

1 Rafter = 1 Tree Planted in the Ōkere Reserve!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only record broken this season. We have also spent the most days off the river due to weather in many many years.

It feels as though we can’t catch a break! After COVID we were gearing up for an epic, long, hot summer season of rafting and good times. The borders opened and international travellers were flooding in the doors, a welcome return indeed!

Alas, the rain & forecast had other plans, with record shattering rainfall and the recent floods in Auckland.This has caused destruction both to personal lives  and businesses around the north island.

With the lake levels currently sitting above cut off, we’re waiting patiently to get back on the Kaituna.

Kaituna River Forecast from 2nd Feb

For now, we’re running daily trips on the Rangitiaki River, another North Island classic and still well worth the trip!

This half day adventure whitewater rafting on the Rangitaiki is not to be underestimated.

Set in a beautifully remote canyon, the Rangitaiki River provides 14km’s of amazing white water.

With moments of intense action, you will have a sensory overload as you cascade down the three story high Geoffs Joy, crashing through a bus-sized wave at the bottom.

As the adrenaline rushes through your veins, you will then be able to take a breath and enjoy the remaining 11km’s of Grade 3-4 White Water in a truly spectacular setting, dodging rocks and exploding through waves like rafting ninjas!

rafting on the rangitaiki river nz
Geoffs Joy on the Rangitaiki River

We’re looking forward to getting back on the Kaituna as soon as possible, but for now, we’ll keep our spirits up and enjoy what the Rangitaiki has to offer!