Rafting the Kaituna River is the best school activity on the market. Rotorua Rafting has safely rafted over 40,000 School kids between the ages of 13-18.

We are trusted by schools across the motu and have gone above and beyond to make the tour the best on the river. 

We have created Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA Achievement Standards Resources, to ensure your school trip with us on the famous Kaituna River is not only the highlight of the school year but also provides an academic result in doing so.
We offer a variety of tailored school activities from the best rafting on the river to speciality River Rescue units where kids are taught vital river safety skills and are provided with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and partake in swimming through rapids, throw bagging and of course, a few bombs off some of the local cliff jumping spots. 

We are well situated to handle school groups from as little as 6 students to 300 Students.
We will make it happen and ensure a seamless day is had for all. 

Right next door, we have the award-winning Okere Falls Store, or we have BBQ facilities onsite.
For more information on our Achievement standards please contact us.

100% gauranteed 5 star experience
Experience nature, culture and adrenaline all in one spot!


  • World class safety equipment provided
  • Cultural learning
  • 1.5 hour river skills, 1 hour river time,  Allow 5 hours
  • Photos are available
  • Lunch options available


YEAR 11 – Level 1 – Achievement Standard Physical Education 90968 v3: Demonstrate, and show understanding of, responsible behaviour for safety during outdoor education activities

Resource reference: Physical Education 1.7A v3

Resource title: Play it safe Credits: 3

YEAR 12 – Level 2 – Achievement Standard Physical Education 91333 v2: Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity

Resource reference: Physical Education 2.7A

Resource title: Outdoor education on your doorstep Credits: 3

YEAR 13 – Level 3 – Achievement Standard Physical Education 91504: Analyse issues in safety management for an outdoor activity to devise safety management strategies

Resource reference: Physical Education 3.7A

Resource title: The Ultimate Rafting Adrenaline Rush Credits: 3

tour details

group sizes

No group is too big or small.

Maximum 300 a day. Great group rates.

trip times

Year round

9 am or 10.30 am start

Others on demand

what to bring

All you need is swimsuit and towel, everything else is provided.

Towel hire available, must be PRE BOOKED.

lunch options

We are located right next to the Ōkere Falls store which can cater lunch options with an awesome range that can also include packed lunches or a BBQ option.

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“A great way to bring the whole class together, we had an absolute blast! “
Ian Willis – Tauranga, NZ