Why is Rafting the Kaituna in Winter AWESOME?!?

Raft Flip on the Kaituna River

If the thought of rafting in the winter is keeping you up at night, our theory is simple; when summertime is over the fun doesn’t end at Rotorua Rafting!

We often get asked, “do you raft in winter?” Sure do! And we can think of so many reasons why it’s an awesome time of year to experience the Kaituna River!

Here’s Rotorua Rafting’s top 7 reasons why Winter Rafting on the Kaituna is epic!
VIP Experience

Without the summer rush, there are fewer people running through the doors ready to go rafting. You’ll often find that it’s just your group in the raft, giving you an even more personal experience with your guide!

As far as the cold goes, it’s not THAT bad

Okere Falls is conveniently close to the Bay of Plenty’s East Coast and the river is tucked away in a magical gorge meaning we have our own little microclimate on the Kaituna. The river also originates from both Lake Rotorua and Lake Rotoiti, NOT glaciers or mountains! We can bet on it that you’ll still wanna jump in!

Rafting! In the rain?!

We can guarantee you’ll get wet on the Kaituna, so regardless of rain, hail or shine you’ll hands-down enjoy your experience with Rotorua Rafting!

We’ve got the gear!

Alright, it is still winter, and we aren’t crazy about the cold. So, we make sure to kit you out in the warmest and cosiest layers of neoprene!

Cool water, Hot showers

After an exciting trip down the Kaituna, it’s time to head back to base, where we’ve got hot showers screeeaming your name! Then head inside to check out your photos!

The photos are epic!

Photos are an awesome way to capture the memories you make with Rotorua Rafting! Plus, great proof that you rafted the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the WORLD #braggingrights. Particularly, in winter, the light is magical all-around New Zealand and the Kaituna is no exception. You’ll have friends and family wishing they could come winter rafting on the Kaituna River!

It’s just as, if not MORE beautiful than summer!

We don’t need to convince you that the Kaituna is a magical place. With its cascading waterfalls and deep jungle canyons, the Kaituna is a perfectly kept gem for NZ. Come and see for yourself… we promise you won’t be disappointed.

To find out more about our winter rafting trip times visit our website or call us on 0800 772 384. Can’t wait to see ya!