Kaituna River Rafting: A Detailed Guide to the Kaituna River & White Water Rafting

View from above of raft on the Kaituna River, Okere Falls NZ

Rafting the Kaituna River is one of the most epic ways to experience white water in New Zealand, even the world.

Though you shouldn't need any more than that to send it with the best, here's a guide to the Kaituna River & a bit of info about whitewater rafting!

So, what is rafting?

By definition, "Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or body of water, often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water."

Grades range from numbers one through to six. One being the easiest, and six being the most dangerous. Most grade six rapids are considered un-navigable.

Safety Equipment

Guides Gear

Different operators provide different equipment depending on the type of trip you're embarking on. However, the base equipment for every raft trip will include: helmets, life jackets, paddles and... raft. Your raft guide will hold extra safety equipment: rope, carabiners, whistle etc.

Whitewater rafting is regarded as one of the most thrilling & unique ways to experience parts of the world not otherwise accessible. It's a way to connect with Papatūānuku, and to learn something about yourself and people joining you on the awa. We specialise in whitewater rafting, it's something we're passionate about!

The Kaituna River (Okere Awa)

View from above the Kaituna River, Okere Falls, NZ

New Zealand boasts a wide range of rafting trips throughout the country, the Kaituna is unmissable.

The Kaituna is a world renowned whitewater destination, opened up & regularly run since 1991.

Known as a drop-pool river, the Okere Awa poses grade 3-5 rapids, followed by cool, calm pools or eddies. This makes the Kaituna an incredible playground, thrilling waterfalls that encapsulate safety, enabling us to take anyone from the kids to nana.

During our Kaituna whitewater experience, we plunge over 3 waterfalls, including Tutea Falls. Sending it over drops isn't the only thing that makes this trip special, we also swim, surf& play in the water!

All rivers are unique; flow, geology, scenery, the style and number of rapids. Every whitewater experience is one-of-a-kind and there's something for everyone on the Kaituna!

Rotorua Rafting are the Kaituna River specialists and stoked to show you our backyard! Join us, and experience the magic of white water on the Kaituna. Book online today for the best Kaituna Rafting Deals...