How Rotorua Rafting Celebrated Mahuru Māori

kia kaha te reo maori

We're nearing the end of Mahuru Māori - the month long Reo Māori challenge. A big part of Rotorua Rafting is incorporating local iwi history & Te Reo into our experience. So, this month, Rotorua Rafting celebrated Mahuru Māori.


Mahuru Māori is a challenge for each and every one of us to take up, no matter what our current level of Māori may be. The idea is that we try to speak more Reo Māori everyday during the month of Mahuru (September). Mahuru Māori was started by Paraone Gloyne, who, along with others, challenged himself to speak just Māori for the whole month.


How Rotorua Rafting Celebrated Mahuru Maori:

We Learned a Māori Phrase a Day

We Created & shared our Pepeha

We Encouraged Others to speak Te Reo without judgement

We also emphasised our integration throughout rafting trips with guests.

With so many resources available for those wanting to better their korero, the opportunities to better our understanding of Reo Māori & it's cultural significance, as well as pronunciation, are really endless.  


Common Reo Māori Words & Phrases the team use at Rotorua Rafting:
  • Kia Ora – Hello.
  • Mōrena – Good morning.
  • Nau mai, haere mai – Welcome.
  • Ka kite – See you.
  • Haere rā – Goodbye.
  • Ngā mihi – Regards/thanks
  • Noho ora mai – All the best.
  • Kei te pēhea koe? – How are you? When speaking to one person.
  • Ka pai – Good.
  • Kei te pai – Fine, good.


Māori Culture & history is a big part of what we do at Rotorua Rafting, and we encourage everyone to give Mahuru Māori a good go!